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Scholarship application guidelines

We are pleased to be able to support students whose performance is good and whose financial background makes it difficult to study.
  1. Scholarships can generally be awarded to qualified students of all disciplines. The prerequisite is study at universities of applied sciences, colleges, technical universities in the Federal Republic of Germany and abroad.

  2. Since applications are not bound to a specific format, there are no forms for this purpose. However, applications should provide the foundation with a clear picture of the planned activity and reflect the information necessary for a decision, including a specified cost plan.

  3. The following elements should be included in the application:
    • Personal data (complete curriculum vitae including previous school and perhaps professional career).
    • Statement of your own and your parents’ income.
    • Statement of any income to be expected in the case of a period of study or practical training abroad.
    • Is the study or the stay abroad funded in any other way, e.g. by BAföG?
    • List of the approximate costs to be expected for the stay abroad, such as travel expenses, rent, learning materials, meals, etc.
    • Description of the work to be done during the stay abroad, e.g. practical semester stay, diploma thesis, project work with description of the time frame and the locations where one would like to carry out the project.
    • Overview of previous education and achievements in studies.

  4. In order to give the foundation’s board of directors sufficient time to evaluate the application, applications must be submitted to the foundation at least four months before the start of the stay abroad. Any rejection will always be made without justification.

  5. A scholarship will be granted for a maximum period of one year. Thereafter, a new application must be submitted to the foundation. The applicant must not exceed the age limit of 30.

  6. There is no legal entitlement to the award of a scholarship. If an essential condition for the scholarship ceases to exist, payment will be discontinued. If the scholarship is based on incorrect information provided by the scholarship holder, he/she shall be obliged to repay the amounts received.

  7. An applicant may submit an application only once. If a rejection is made, it shall be final.
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