Reinhold Beitlich Stiftung


Foundation purpose

The purpose of the foundation is the support of education and upbringing, youth care and youth welfare as well as cultural and sporting purposes.
The purpose of the foundation is realized in particular by:
  1. supporting young people who are willing to learn and achieve something in their school, technical or university education, e.g. by means of grants and/or scholarships and by awarding non-cash and cash prizes for special achievements,
  2. promoting the commitment of young people in cultural and nature conservation activities by supporting the corresponding activities supervised by non-profit associations or public/legal entities.
  3. support of sick or needy children or adolescents, e.g. by assumption of treatment costs, granting of maintenance subsidies, financing of the medically desired stay of the parents at the child’s place of treatment
  4. promoting medical treatment, or care, for children/adolescents, including appropriate research projects for this target group.
  5. promotion of orphanages and day nurseries
  6. promotion of science and research in the field of chemistry, including process engineering (technology transfer) at any type of university or other research institutions that is necessary for assessing the practical feasibility of the knowledge gained, e.g. by financing research projects, establishing or co-financing professorships, awarding scholarships, grants for diploma theses and dissertations – also abroad,
  7. support of nature conservation and environmental protection concerns, e.g. also by promoting research projects concerning renewable raw materials.

Young people within the meaning of the articles of association are children up to the age of majority or, as long as they are still in school or vocational training, up to the completion of a dissertation if required (age limit 30).

There is no legal entitlement to the granting of foundation benefits.

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