Reinhold Beitlich Stiftung


The founders


Founded by the couple Gertrud and Reinhold Beitlich

In 1953, Reinhold Beitlich, who was born in Hasel (northern Bohemia), decided to move the company headquarters from Erlangen to Tübingen together with his wife Gertrud and their two children. The decisive factor was the strong textile industry in this area as well as the availability of qualified employees who had studied textile chemistry and textile technology at the universities in Reutlingen, Esslingen and Stuttgart.

Over the years, Reinhold Beitlich has then built up CHT R. Beitlich GmbH (today CHT Germany GmbH) into a worldwide group and managed it until his old age.

In the course of the company’s succession, the Reinhold Beitlich Foundation was founded by the Beitlich couple in 1983 and converted into a non-profit organization in 1988.

This step required the willingness and the will to irrevocably part with the majority of the company’s assets already during his lifetime and thus to no longer make them available for self-interest but exclusively for the common good.


Chemistry for the highest demands

CHT is a globally operating group of companies for specialty chemicals with its headquarters in Tübingen – and the economic sponsor of the Reinhold Beitlich Foundation and the Beitlich Family Foundation. It has been developing, producing and supplying innovative chemicals as auxiliaries and additives for products and processes since 1953.

A wide variety of industrial sectors and markets worldwide rely on the high-quality products, the unique advice and the outstanding service of the CHT Group. It places the highest demands on the sustainable quality of its products, careful treatment of the environment and maximum safety.

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